Not everything in your career is back-end development

If you don’t know a little of front end development you are missing out a lot.

Lot of us are geeks that live between functions, parameters, variables, and a lot of stuff that doesn’t display a lot of color and emotions to the user.

I was one and then I started doing this type of projects:

This projects might seem insignificant but they multiply you value as a developer.

Why? You may ask.

  1. Because you start thinking how clients thinks.
  2. You develop an aesthetical taste than can permeates into other areas of your life.
  3. You start seeing deeper on how your work impacts other’s perception of you.
  4. You sell yourself better in the market

I’m not saying front end development is everything in a developer career, but it can increase your value a lot.

Not only when you want to get hired, but while you are working you work with a little bit more quality

Let’s dive deep into the points stated above:

  1. Thinking how clients thinks: You develop more empathy towards their necessities. So you can expect the client’s necessities before they arise. This way you can bring new proposals and with that more job opportunities
  2. Develop your aesthetical sense Don’t forget that you are always selling yourself. If you are looking to get hired your aesthetics can be the difference between getting or not getting a job
  3. Seeing the impact of your work When you pick a template for a website you create something that will stay in the client’s business for a lot of time. For example: if you pick an iron theme, that iron theme will be part of the client’s website for a lot of time in his business. That will be his presentation card
  4. Selling yourself in the market You can be your own client on this matter. By learning a front end development you learn how to create your own website. This website can also be your own portfolio, you blog, or any type of presentation card. And by that you increase your chances of getting hired even as a back end development or another type of job. Remember: It’s hard to sell what it’s not shown and front end development is essential to sell yourself.

So what do I do from here?

The best way to learn this stuff is to start learning raw CSS and HTML.

Here you have some resources:

Check their curriculum where they teach CSS and HTML

From there you can jump into learning more complex things. Start from the most basic place.

You can also start learning how to use content management systems (CMS). WordPress and Joomla are examples of this technology.

Everything helps on this matter.

Front end development is not rocket science but it takes a little bit of patience.

Even more patience if you come from a back end background. Your mindset needs to make big shift and it will not like it at first, but it will pay off with time.


Learn front end development.

You sell yourself better, your sell your services better and also you improve the quality of your work.

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